All Trading Product Reviews Are Scams!

Here is the bitter truth…

There are NO objective Trading product reviews online at present. They are all written by affiliates for these products who ultimately stand to profit if you purchase through the hyperlink they provide.

Ask yourself how objective a real estate salesman can really be if he “reviews” a house that he himself profits from selling you? Would you believe a “review” from a car salesman who wants to sell you a car in advance of receiving next year’s models into his dealership?

No? Well, the exact same principle applies to reviews of Trading products. There is no objectivity from a person who stands to directly profit if you go ahead and purchase. Shockingly, this includes pretty well EVERY so-called Trading Product Review site we have ever seen.

Sometimes you will see comparison reviews on some sites, whereby one product is compared to another and the conclusion is that either product A is better than product B and so you should buy the former, OR both products are equally good and you should make your choice.

Again, this is a totally false scam. The person doing the review deliberately made a comparison review because that is what a lot of people are used to seeing. In almost all cases, he has bought neither product in order to compare them honestly, and instead has simply reviewed them off of the sales letters, with the deliberate intention of favoring one over the other, thereby creating a false sense of legitimacy to the review. What kind of integrity is there in that? Avoid this sort of nonsense!

Overall though, remember that a true review of any product or service can only be made by someone who does not have a direct financial interest in your decision. Only a person who is disconnected from your purchasing decision can possibly have the detachment to review a product of ANY sort properly. Also, remember that in any genuine review, the reviewer will have had access to the product itself. They will NOT be “reviewing” the product from merely reading the sales letter! Sadly, virtually ALL Trading product reviews do precisely this! Why? Answer: because the “reviewer” does not want to spend the money to buy the product and review it honestly. Also, this is all beside the point anyway since the entire purpose of doing the review is to get YOU to buy the product, and preferably through his affiliate link so that he earns a nice commission.

In conclusion, do NOT automatically believe an online trading product review just because it sounds plausible. Do your own homework and research the product thoroughly. If it is software, see if a trial is available. If it is a course, see if there is a reasonable guarantee period provided, which will allow you to properly assess the merits of the product and send it back for a full refund if it does not meet your needs.

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware always applies.

Watch out for the sharks!

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